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Disaster Math ...test your math skills Memory Game ...really cool!
Earth Words for Internet Citizens ...great way to learn a new language!
Garbage Hazardous Waste in your home
Grammer Gorillas ... identifying parts of speech
Math Baseball ...what a fun way to learn about numbers!
Alaphabet Superhighway ...lots of fun games to play!
Bugs Bunny Stamp Puzzler Nice way to view and play a cute American Stamp! Select which pieces of the puzzle go where. IMAGIWARE
Jacques The Toe's Maze Game Cool JavaScript! It is sooo much fun, it even allows you to create your own maze game! CREATIVE MATRIX
Marble Solitare Game You can spend many hours here trying your best to leave just one marble on the game board. KIELACK
Our Billy Bear's Version of Mr. Kielack's Solitare Game. Same game, but instead of marble we use a bear.
Mancala The African Pit Game. Try your luck at this ancient game. They say the rules are simple.IMAGIWARE
Web Cube If you like to play with the rubic's cube, you'll enjoy this online version of the game!
Twilight Castle ...great adventure game! You must have a "Frame capible browser to Play"
War of the Web Browsers War of the Web (Script) Combative!
Swamp Romp Help Froggie through the swamp, avoiding hidden predators. Make sure your computer is set at a high resolution screen.
Cross Country ...for those of you who like to do CrossWord puzzles, you'll really enjoy this one! Hard CrossWord Puzzle.
Avery Picture Game ...what is different from one picture to the next. I had fun playing it!
Wheel of Fortune ...yeap, the TV GameShow!